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How to get an “A” As day pass and hours spent and with every passing second something new is discovered and the ways of education are improved .Long time ago and we hear that knowledge is the key of success, and in order to earn that key you must try hard. In the past there was no schools no classes, just an old person culturing a group of people , not like now students have books to read with, pencils to write with, and laptop to help them in their projects .But all of that is not importing because if there is no well there’s no way . Studies showed that 10% of students that get A in a course is the students that put a certain plan in his/her studies and follow it to the end. In order to get this A there are three important ways to follow, insure that you have the necessary equipment and supplies, improve your study habits, and make sure you communicate with the professor all time. First, you have to make sure that you have all the necessary supplies , you have to buy books , copybook, pen, and of course you must have a computer or a laptop to do your research’s ,it’s important to have all of this things because you can’t learn if you don’t have it.There are also more things that the student should have in order to improve their self in studying one of these things is getting a dictionary that could enlighten the mind of the student. Second, improving your study habits, some of people find the studying should be done in an organized way to make the student be devoted to that subject, because if the students don’t feel attracted to that subject they will not devote much attention to it and they will not be attracted to it. When the student start loving that subject they will start showing at class on time , stay current with the reading at home and class, and he start getting the assignments on time. One more thing that could help the student in his

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