How to Get a Hundred in Chemistry Essay

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How to Get A Hundred in Chemistry For all the students taking the class of Chemistry with Professor Consuelo Valenzuela, pay attention because I’m giving you some tips about how to get a hundred in her class. First, pay attention in class. Second, try to go to extra class she offers. Finally, don’t forget to do the homework. If you follow these three steps, you will get an excellent grade. No matter how tired, sleepy or hungry you are, paying attention in class is very important. Try to listen to everything the teacher says and understand perfectly all the subjects; it’s very important for you to ask if you have doubts. Never leave the classroom if you are not sure you’ve learned all the class material. If you have some free time in the afternoon, you better go to the extra class the teacher offers every week. These classes help you to improvise the topics seen in class; also, it shows the teacher that you’re interested in learning, so she will try to help you even more. Don’t hesitate attending these classes. Believe me that it will really help you and improve your relationship with the teacher which is also very important. Homework is something that we don’t like to do, but making that extra effort in this class will help you a lot and will get you closer to the hundred. Homework doesn’t really count in neither your partial grade nor the final, but believe me when I tell you that doing them is a huge step to reaching the excellent grade. Make an effort, and try to do them. The results will appear in the next class or exam. I guarantee that. If you really want that hundred, you’ll take into account these tips. So don’t forget them. Pay attention in class. Then attend the extra classes. Finally, do the homework. Chemistry is not an easy subject, but following these steps, success is for sure. (Taken from:

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