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How To Get A Drivers License Essay

  • Submitted by: brile907
  • on February 22, 2012
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Brandon Riley
Prof. B Katt
November 21, 2011
Final Draft

How To Get a Driver’s License (18 & Under)(18 & Up)
Why is it important to have a driver’s license? What if an emergency happened and you needed to drive to safety? Every citizen in the U.S should have a license if they could. Having a license will eliminate immature drivers. Drivers would drive with more knowledge of the road. Also a license would prevent a person from going to jail. It cost to get a license also,so it would better the state’s economy in a way. “Getting a license is important because every state could always use more money. The state also uses its lengthy registration process to collect in-depth information on every person that goes through it. The purpose is no doubt ambiguous; such information on every single driver in a database would no doubt prove useful to government intelligence agencies”. (WikiAnswers)
(18 & Under) There are many drivers out here and most have been through the process of getting a driver’s license. Often times people wonder if the process will be a difficult task. The process getting a driver’s license for   a person who is 18 & Under and 18 and Older is not hard at all.
First, one has to attend driver’s education. Someone could take the course almost anywhere such as high school, DMV, and even in the local neighborhood. It isn’t hard to register for a class. The driver’s Ed course is $125 for the first segment. There are two segments in the process. One will learn basic driving skills and basic driving signs. The driving instructor will test one’s skills. Also the driving instructor will teach one how to park, hold the wheel, and stop at stop signs and traffic lights. At the end of the learning course you will receive your permit. One will keep the permit for three months. Within those three months one will begin to complete the second segment.
Segment two only cost $50 which will test one’s skills to see if they’re where they should be....

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