How to Fix the Epidemic of the Homeless Essay

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How to Fix the Epidemic of the Homeless There is an epidemic of social and moral values in the United States. One that goes unnoticed mostly until it affects someone close to us or directly impacts us when we least expect it. There are many causes to this epidemic, there is no one root cause, which makes this difficult to address and fight. What I am referring to is the plight of those that are homeless. To be homeless is difficult to measure because so many different people have different opinions on what it means to be homeless. To overcome homelessness we must tackle the root causes, of course provide them a stable living environment, but also have systems in place to treat why people are homeless be it medical, employment, disaster. We must find a way to give these people back their self-respect. To begin with homeless to me means instability, not having a place to call your own and manage the way you see fit. This is a broad term but one that I feel is fair and just. As you can have a roof over your head and still be homeless. How do I know this is possible? I consider myself to be one of the homeless, I have a room in a friend’s house, but yet can’t really support myself, fortunately they ask very little of me, but in a way that is a burden upon itself as I wish to contribute and feel like I belong. This is not the first time in my life I have been homeless, after having my apartment building destroyed by a fire just before Halloween while living in Massachusetts I was forced to live in a pop up trailer, not the easiest way to live I can assure anyone. Much like how Les Gapay, former Wall Street Journal reporter, states in his special article to USA Today, about his time being homeless, he felt he quickly wore out his welcome when taking showers at friends and families home (Gapay). One thing many homeless persons do not want to be is a burden on another,

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