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HOW TO INSTALL A MOTHERBOARD IN A COMPUTER The first step you will take is to prepare the motherboard of the computer. Take the motherboard out of the box, and be sure to leave it in the protective sleeve. This is an anti-static bag, and will keep the motherboard from being shocked. If you shock the board, then the board can become obsolete, and you will have to return it. Before you take the board out of the bag, be sure to either ground yourself by touching the side of the computer case, or by putting on an antistatic belt; which is used to ground yourself before touching electronic components. Now you can take the processor out, and lay it on the foam pad that it comes with. Next you will want to take out the processor, and place it on the board. It will fit into the square block in the middle of the board. Make sure that when you place it in the slot that you line up all of the pins. In one of the corners of the chip there will be a pin missing. It will be the same on the slot on the board. This is how you will know how to line them up. Once it is in place you will need to put the fan on top of the chip. This usually comes with the chip. Place it over the chip and slide the two locking mechanisms down in place firmly. | These general instructions are intended to supplement or simplify some of the information in your motherboard manual. | 1. | Make sure to read the manual thoroughly that came with the motherboard – instructions may differ for each one. | | 2. | Make sure you ground yourself with any professional grounding equipment that you may have. Otherwise, ground yourself by touching the computer power supply. | | 3. | Then place motherboard on its anti-static bag. | | 4. | To configure motherboard, you have to set jumpers or DIP switches for CPU, voltage(s), and bus speed, if necessary. (If your motherboard is

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