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Sumaiyah Syed Mrs. Hebert December 1, 2011 How to Build Self-Confidence Self-confidence is to have a positive self-image of oneself. Building self-confidence is not as easy and quick as it sounds. It takes patience, time, and effort, but leads to a greater beneficial outcome that aids your health, physically and emotionally. Following these few, simple steps will allow one to feel newly self-assured. Step One: Reality Check & Acceptance Just look at yourself in the mirror and instead of pointing out all your flaws, see what you like best about yourself. Everyone’s unique, and have their varying features. You could be the sad, grumpy type and say “Well, I don’t like anything about myself.” There’s always something, whether it’s the shape of your eyebrows, or dimples on your cheeks. Accepting your flaws and good aspects about yourself is the first step to achieving a higher self-confidence. Step Two: Dress Elegantly The way you dress can greatly affect your how you perceive yourself. Keeping well groomed and clean can automatically boost your self-confidence by giving you the feeling of being content with how you look. Instead of wearing baggy sweat pants, go for some nice jeans or slim suit pants. Change things up a bit and wear a pop of color like a bright red scarf, or a hot pink belt. The way you look can greatly undermine or strengthen your confidence. Step Three: Contribute to Increasing Self-assurance Whenever someone compliments you, instead of saying declining it, accept it with a simple thank you. Think about it. If you were to compliment someone, you wouldn’t want them to give you a reply that’s similarly close to “shut up.” Exercise, and then treat yourself afterwards. Compliment others. Start a new project such as redecorating your room, or building a tree house. Anything to keep you busy and accomplished can help develop inner

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