How to Effectivevly and Efficiently Lose Weight Essay

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How to Effectively Lose Weight in a Healthy Manner The idea of losing weight is very popular in today’s society. There are many factors that go into ones ability to lose weight. If someone runs a couple of days a week but still continues to follow that run up with a Twinkie, then they wont see the results they’re hoping for. Vice versa if that same person cuts all of the Twinkies out of their diet, but sits on the couch watching the latest episode of Dr. Oz all day, they wont see the results either. Through a combination of watching their diet and daily exercise, one can lose unwanted weight and maintain overall wellness and health. The first thing that needs to be understood in order to lose weight effectively is how the body actually loses weight. The body uses energy, which is measured in calories, in order to do everything from running a mile to keeping the body temperature where it needs to be. This is called metabolism. Metabolism, as defined by, is “the sum of the physical and chemical processes in an organism by which its material substance is produced, maintained, and destroyed, and by which energy is made available” (“metabolism”). Every person has a baseline metabolism. This is known as the Resting Metabolic Rate, or RMR. This could be defined as the minimum amount of energy required to keep your body functioning, including your heart beating, lungs breathing, and body temperature normal ("Calculating BMR and RMR"). It is imperative that the RMR is known in order to effectively and efficiently lose weight. In order to calculate this, the age in years, weight in kilograms, and height in centimeters must be known. Then the formula RMR = (10 x weight) + (6.25 x height) - (5 x age) + 5 is used for men and RMR = (10 x weight) + (6.25 x height) - (5 x age) – 161 for women (XX). By looking at these formulas, it should be noted that there is no

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