How To Drive a Dirtbike

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How to Drive a Dirt Bike In order for one to drive a dirt bike one must have some comprehension of the mechanical features. Such as, the throttle, gas line switch, clutch lever, brakes, gear shifter, and foot pegs and there are many more features but these are some of the key parts. The gas line switch is located directly under the gas tank and will have hoses running from it to the carburetor. The foot pegs are on the bottom middle section of the motorcycles frame. The clutch is a lever on the left side of the handlebars, and there are two brakes front and back. One brake is located directly in front of the right foot peg; the other is on the handle bars opposing the clutch lever. The throttle is the hand grip on the right side of the handle bars. The gear shifter is on the left peg adjacent to the foot brake. Before one can ride their dirt bike there are a several steps of preparation one must go through. First, one must check the tire pressure and make sure the dirt bike has plenty of gas. After that is done get on the dirt bike and sit in the middle most point of the seat. While on the seat turn the gas line on and pull out the kick start and one would place their foot directly on it. Then, pull in the clutch and while holding it in operate the kick start. If it does not start then one must repeat the last step while giving it a slight amount of gas. If it has yet to start repeat the fourth step while giving it no gas but holding the choke in. Also, if one was trying to start a two stroke engine one would need to let the motor have time to warm up before driving. Once the engine has started one would need to shift the dirt bike into a gear in order to become mobile. To do so one would simply hold in the clutch and push down on the gear shifter. After it is in gear one would slowly let off the clutch while giving the dirt bike a little gas. As the dirt bike

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