How to deliver an argumentative speech

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How to Deliver an Argumentative Speech An argumentative speech is a speech presented to win audience over your point of view; you need to convince listeners to feel the same way. First, pick a topic that has a pro side and con side, and then decide which side you are in. Your argumentative speech should have three major parts in it, which are introduction, main idea, and conclusion. The introduction of your speech should capture your audience mind, start in a shortly or, if you would, start with a little dramatic way, this will attract them and they will listen to you more carefully. And then provide them with the background information of your issues. You should explain the background clearly because this will be the basic foundation of your speech from the very beginning. The second part is the main idea. This part consists of your opinion whether you are for or against the issues, the arguments provided to strengthen your opinion, and the counter arguments which will you disprove and refute. Tell the audience which side you are on and tell the arguments why and explain it clearly but briefly. It is best for you to give numbers of sources and, if you can, maybe quote a little from a scientific writing. Sources should be recent, reliable, representative, and relevant. After you give the arguments, bring up the counter arguments and disprove them and make them to support your idea. The last part is the conclusion. Here you can repeat what you said in the beginning or bring up the strongest argument again. This way the listeners will be reminiscence about your early speech. Lastly you should stress how important the issues are and to support your
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