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How to Deal with High Oil Price Essay

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Below is an essay on "How to Deal with High Oil Price" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Hello friends,

We are discussing about the topic "How to deal with high oil prices". First of all I just want to tell all of you wherever the scarce resources is available it will have more demand and consequently increases the price. Hence only the one option is left to us low consumption of oil. For that purpose both government and public has to be taken some steps.

From the government part can be done through by providing better transportation facilities like Metro services and fly overs and better roads. And also government can take some strict rules for restricting the family having maximum one or two vehicles.

Coming to the public part it can be done through by using more government transportation facilities and also reduce the use of vehicles to the maximum extent.

Hello Friends,

Here we are discussing 'How to deal with high oil prices?'. The solution of this problem is only to reduce the consumption of oil. Now the question is how to reduce the consumption of oil? The consumption of oil should be reduced by both government and the public.

Government has to take following steps regarding reduction in consumption of oil:

1. Government should provide the facility of metro in every city of the country because metro is run by electricity and public feel easy while traveling in metros.

2. In every city and village there should be proper road so that every public transport can run easily. In every part of the country there should be proper facility of public transport which are run by CNG.

3. Government has to make over bridges in highly traffic area so that chance for the traffic jam could be minimum.

4. In campus area of any institute, PSUs, or private sector there should be prohibition of use of cars and bikes within the campus area. Use of bicycle should be promoted. In residential area there should be large number of cycle rickshaw for public use.

While on other side public has to take following steps:.

1. They should...

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