How To Deal With Controlling People

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How to deal with controlling people The worst thing in the world a person could feel is the feeling of being manipulated and controlled. Each waking day of our lives, our mind is being challenged by forces that try to dictate us what we need to do. Whether we know it or not, the forces of manipulation are always present even before we get out of bed in the morning. As soon as we turn on the T.V before we go somewhere, we are already dealing with control. There will always be influences that try to make you give up a piece of your mental sovereignty. The issue on control and domination is an element of life that people battle with on a daily basis. Nothing is more challenging than putting up with people who have power and control issues. This is one of the mysteries of life, which is, how does this kind of behavior exist in human beings and how can this behavior be corrected to advance the world into better relationships between countries, families, friends and strangers. The answer is not an easy one. People who are controlling are actually fearful and scared. To them, controlling people is easier instead of dealing with people from a level of self-respect and dignity. To them, having a manipulating attitude makes things easier. These people have visions of acting like an all-powerful God with an overruling dominance over the lives of others. Life, to them is no sweat when giving the commands rather then receiving them. Being used or using others in this level of abuse is more than the obvious problems. Bullying takes effect when someone is called a name or made fun of. It also is part of things such as temper tantrums. On more obvious levels, this abuse can be seen in forms of physical violence that is used to intimidate others. Intimidation and bullying can even take place at higher levels, where individuals will use their status to place themselves above
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