How to Curve a Soccer Ball

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Ryan Olds Language Arts 12 12/04/14 Pd. 8B How to curve a soccer ball Curving a soccer ball is a skill that takes time to master and even then it still isn’t a sure thing. There are many thing that can go wrong in attempting to curve it. For things to go right you must know a few things. First, the fundamentals of kicking or shooting a soccer ball. Two, how to generate the most power and spin in your kick. Three, how to do it again. The fundamentals of kicking a soccer ball. There are many different things that go into kicking a soccer ball, But, if you want to get maximum power and control there are a few steps to follow. You have to get a good three to four step drop into it. So, take three to four steps back, if you’re kicking with your right foot take one to two steps to the left. When you come into the kick you want your plant foot, the opposite of the one you kick with, right next to the ball, in perfect alignment with where the ball stands. Power through and hit the ball hard with the laces on top of your foot, make sure not to hit the ball with your toe. You want to hit the ball with full power of your leg, and land through on to your kicking foot. To generate the most power and spin you want to do a few things. First, you want to hit the underside of the ball with the top laces of your shoe. Second, you need to kick through as hard as you can and land onto the foot you kicked with to create the most power and uplift on the ball. Three, you want to hook your foot around to the side you want the ball to curve to. Doing this makes the ball naturally want to go that direction. XX The most important thing in curving a soccer ball is how your foot hits the ball. You want to hit the ball on the very far side right, opposite of the direction you want it to curve. You want to hit it with the inside top of your laces. The most important and probably the
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