How to Create an in-Home Portrait Set Essay

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How to Create Portrait Studio on a Budget. Some of the most amazing portraits are created in outdoor settings with the world as your backdrop. But it is often necessary that a photographer have an indoor set or studio to do certain work. Shoots such as newborn portraits, glamour shots or product photos require certain kinds of lighting and privacy which can only be achieved in an indoor setting. But you are on a budget and cannot necessarily afford a new, fully equipped portrait studio so you will need to use your creativity and improvise. First you will need to access your space. Do you have an extra, nearly empty room in your home where you could create a permanent set? Or do you have a small, one bedroom apartment where your set will need to be a little more portable? Either way, a perfectly affordable portrait set is achievable. Next you will need to decide how you will mount your back drop, and depending on your budget you can either create a mounting system from scratch or buy one. But after you see what a cheap mounting system will run you, I can guarantee you would rather create your own. You will need a 1x72” wooden dowel rod, two bungee cords and two heavy duty screw-in hanging hooks. Mark your dowel rod about six inches in on both sides and hold it against the ceiling, now make two small marks on the ceiling matching the ones you just made on your dowel rod. These two small marks will be where you screw your hooks in to the ceiling. After you screw the hooks in, take your bungee cords and hang one on each hook in a loop. You can now slide your dowel rod through the bungee cord loops. Now you will need to find your backdrops, which should actually be heavy duty, light blocking window drapes. Bed sheets will not work because they are too thin and have way too many wrinkles in them. Plus, drapes are already prepared to hang from curtain rods so you

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