How To Create a Pendulum Pivot

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How to Create a Pendulum Pivot [pic] Overview Pendulum is a weight or load suspended from a string, wire or a light rod attached to a fixed point called a pivot point or pendulum pivot. When the load or a bob is attached to the string, lifted and let go, it will swing back and forth in a continuous periodic motion – a duration that depends on its length. You can make your own pendulum pivot using several methods and let it swing. (See Reference 2) Step 1 Insert a small pivot rod into one of the holes of a meter stick pendulum to serve as a pivot point. If it has no holes, then drill a small hole at a distance of 19.7 inches from the point you wish the pendulum to swing. Suspend it to the wall or clench it to the table or work bench. (See Reference 6) Install the pendulum pivot. Fix the pivot rod into the hole. Check that the pendulum pivot is leveled by using a meter stick. Step 2 Drill a hole onto a board and fix it to the wall. Drive a screw into the hole since it can as well serve as a pendulum pivot. Ensure you leave enough space to attach a string. Fidget with it to ensure that it is firmly secured and can support the weight of a pendulum bob. Step 3 Cut a three inch length steel rod (or a seven inches wooden dowel) to make a pivot rod. Clasp the steel rod near the end using a vise and carefully hammer it end (that is supposed to be close to the pendulum) to flatten it. Drill a one and a half inches deep hole into a piece of wooden stand to accept the three inches long pivot rod. Use a seven millimeter or seven inches drill bit to make the whole. This will allow you to easily friction fit the pivot rod into the stand. Insert the pivot rod into the stand. Step 4 Erect a two-foot wooden fence post on a flat surface. Drill a three-eight inch diameter hole about two inches from its top to create a pivot hole for fitting the pendulum pivot

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