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How To Create a Board Game Essay

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  • on May 29, 2011
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Below is an essay on "How To Create a Board Game" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

ORLANDOI remember, Adam, that’s exactly why my father only left me a thousand crowns in his will. And as you know, my father commanded my brother, Oliver, to make sure that I was brought up well—and that’s where my sadness begins. Oliver keeps my brother Jaques away at school, and everyone says he’s doing extremely well there. But he keeps me at home in the country—to be precise, he keeps me stuck at home but doesn’t support me. I ask you, is this any way to treat a gentleman as nobly born as I am, to pen me in like an ox? His horses get treated better than I do—at least he feeds them and trains them properly, and spends a lot of money on trainers for them. All I’ve gained from his care is weight, which makes me as indebted to him as his animals on the manure pile are. He gives me plenty of nothing, and takes away everything else, letting me eat with his servants, refusing me what’s owed me as his brother, and ruining my good birth with a poor education. This is what angers me, Adam. My father’s temper and spirit, which I think I share, makes me want to mutiny against my brother’s tyranny. I won’t stand for it any longer, though I haven’t yet figured out how to revolt. |
| | OLIVER enters. |
| | ADAMHere comes my master, your brother. |
| | ORLANDOGo hide, Adam, and you’ll hear how he abuses me. |
OLIVERHey, you! What are you making here? |
| | ORLANDONothing. I’ve never been taught how to make anything. |
| | OLIVERWell, then, what are you messing up? |
| | ORLANDOI’m helping you mess up one of God’s creations—your poor, unworthy brother—by having him do nothing. |

30 | | OLIVERIndeed, sir, find something better to do and get lost for a while. |
| | ORLANDOShould I tend your pigs and eat husks with them? When did I waste so much money that I ended up this poor? |
| | OLIVERDo you know where you are, sir? |

35 | | ORLANDOYes, sir, very well—I’m here in your orchard. |
| | OLIVERDo you know whom you’re talking to? |...

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