How to Cook for Someone with High Cholesterol Essay

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Cooking Advice for High Cholesterol My husband and I were married five years ago, and in that time he has had high cholesterol for most of our relationship. My father in law passed away when my husband was 19 from a stroke, and was shown to have high cholesterol in his autopsy. Then two years ago my mother in law also passed away suddenly from a heart attack and also took medicine for high cholesterol as well. As you can see this terrible disease runs in his family and affects his family members quite drastically. Considering we have 15 years between us and my husband is older, it is very important for me to keep him in my life for a very long time. It seems as though watching what we eat to ensure his cholesterol is managed properly is a vital to his health. This topic is not only interesting to me but also is important to keep my family going strong. When I began researching this topic all I was looking for were different recipes that I could cook but soon found out that half of the terminology that was used in describing what the foods helped were foreign to me. It was then that I realized in order to fully understand how to cook properly, I also needed to research what cholesterol actually was, where it comes from, and how to prevent it. Cholesterol is a waxy type of substance that is created by our liver and creates “bile salts” which helps us digest fat (Teens Health). Cholesterol is important for many of the body's metabolic processes such as aiding the body in using vitamin D. However, the catch is that there is no need for us to eat foods high in cholesterol because the body produces its own cholesterol (Teens Health). In fact, too much cholesterol in our diet can lead to things such as heart disease, stroke, or even heart attack like what happened to both of my in-laws. Cholesterol is considered a lipid, and a lipid is defined as a fat that is found

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