How to Clean Your Car

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Would you want to drive a car that looks like a dustpan on the outside? I know I wouldn't. Washing your car twice a month will benefit you tremendously when the time comes to selling your car. There are a few steps to follow if you want to be driving a flawless beautiful car. The process that you will need to follow in order to have a prefect, clean looking car is to clean the interior of your car, fully scrub the exterior of your car with soap and water, and finally the last and most important part is the drying of the outside of your vehicle. When it comes to cleaning the interior of your car you are going to need a few tools. You will need a vacuum with a carpet cleaner attachment so that you can suck up all that dirt and mini rocks layered all over you carpet floor. Make sure that you move the seats forward and backward in order to not miss any dirt trying to hide. You are going to need foaming cleaner for washing the seats in your car. I would prefer my favorite, which is "tuff stuff". You can find this cleaner at any of your local auto shops. That foaming cleaner wipes off any stains from your seats, whether its leather or carpet that stuff will get the job done. The last step for cleaning the interior of your car will be to polish your dashboard and steering wheel to give the inside of your car that "shine". You will need a cloth towel and a bottle of armor all spray. Armor all spray can be purchased online or at any auto shop. Make sure to spray the armor guard all over your dashboard and steering wheel then take your cloth towel and just start wiping it until it "shines". The second main step is too fully scrub the exterior of your car with your choice of either a cloth mitten or a sponge. Either one will do the job but, you need to make sure that you soak your car completely in order to leave your car freely of dust and pollen. Next get a hand

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