How To Build Tension In Jaws

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o Jaws Homework The music is very tension building. The very beginning of the movie starts off with music at the party. That music is happy and carefree, giving you the sense that nothing is wrong there. Once Chrissy is in the water the music changes. It starts off quiet and just contains the diegetic sounds (water, bell in the background). Once it moves to the shark’s perspective the non-diegetic music really begins to start. It’s subtle; a viewer may not notice it as much without looking for it. Although I think that it is subtle it is also very tension building. It lets you know that danger is near. Also it lets you know that there is something in the water, something looking up at her, possibly planning something sinister. As the camera closes in on Chrissy in the vastness of the water, the music becomes more intense. It goes along with her suddenly being pulled into the water; it takes a sudden louder note. Once she is attacked and killed, the music stops and it goes back to diegetic sound in this case the sound of the water. That lets the viewers reflect on what happened also lets you know that the attack is over for now. Flat angle is used to see her above the water. Low angle is used when you are watching from the attacker’s point of view, from under the water.…show more content…
The girl starts by stuttering and then yelling shark. You hear the music grow as the panic of the crowd grows. The more aware and frantic they become, the faster paced the music is, it mirrors their feelings. The frantic music stops when the camera goes to the little boy playing in the sand (Brody’s younger son). He is unaware of any danger and is playing happily in the sand. The music again mirrors the characters. The music is subtly there with the boys playing on the boat because you can see the fin approaching. It again gets very loud when you go back to the frantic, running

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