How to Become Health Literate

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Health literacy is the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions. Being health literate helped me a lot in health class because I am be able to understand the information which my teacher teaches in health class about maintaining a healthy wellness wheel, living a healthy life and avoiding dangerous risks. I realize that the more information I learn in health class, the more health literate I become. For example, in the nutrition topic, the teacher showed me a video about how eating fast food on a regular basis can affect a person’s health. I used to think fast food is normal as the other types of food but after watching this video, I know that fast food not only can make a person become obese and depressing but also making that person addicted to it. With further useful information which the teacher taught me in reproductive anatomy, STDs, and drugs, I am certain that I will find those useful later in my life. The health class provided me with a lot of useful information about eating and living healthy. I like the way my teacher using group project as part of teaching health. It makes the class more interesting because the student can learn more in depth about what they have researched for the project. This way makes every topic not boring. I especially like the topic about the Nutrition Facts and STD because I can adjust my diet to make it more healthy base on what I have learned and I can know the way to identify and treat the STD. I also like the video about drugs because it provided true facts from the people who have experienced them. But for the topic about the Nutrition Facts, it would be more interesting if there is project about the food that is healthy for the body so that everyone can consider putting it in their daily
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