How to Become a Professional Soccer Player

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Abidullah LC Boyd Public speaking 9/23/2012 Specific purpose: to inform my audience about the major step in playing cricket. Central idea: bowling, fielding and batting are the three major step of playing a cricket match. Introduction I. Hi my classmates have you ever heard about cricket before this. II. Cricket is a bat and ball game played between two teams of eleven players in a field. III. Cricket was first played in southern England in 16th century. Forty seven percent of world population like cricket. IV. Now I am going to tell you about the three main steps of a cricket match. (Transition: let’s start by looking at the first step of cricket match, bowling.) Body I. Bowling: the bowler bowl to batsman of the bating side, trying to defeat and take wicket for his team. Bowlers are classified according to their looks or style. A. The first bowler can deliver the ball at a speed of over 90 mile per hour. 1. Some fast bowlers take quit long run up and rely on sheer speed to try and defeat the batsman. 2. Some fast bowlers make use of the seam of the ball, so that it swings in flight and can deceive a batsman into mistiming his shot. B. At the other and of bowling skill is the “spinner” who bowls at a relatively slow pace. A spinner will often take wicket to lure the batsman into making a poor shot. 1. One type of spinner is right hand, who spins the ball from right to left side. 2. The other is league spinner who spins the ball from left to right. II. Fielding: all elven players on the fielding side take the field together. A. One of them is wicket keeper who operates behind the wicket being defending by the batsman on strike. He wears special gloves. B. The other fielders are tactically deployed by team captain in chosen positions around the field. The positions are known by specific names.

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