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Beginner Tutorials Getting Ready to Learn LSL: Before learning LSL, it is helpful to learn the basics of Second Life. Here are some pointers to getting started. Getting Started with LSL: Tutorial for absolute beginners. Basic SL inventory and navigation required. Hello Avatar: A place to try next after Getting Started in LSL. A Basic LSL Tutorial: A tutorial for people who are new to LSL scripting, with basic tasks and LSL scripting terms explained in quick short answers. LSL 101: The Wikibook: A collaborative project to create a "complete" narrative guide to LSL scripting, starting with no assumptions of previous programming experience, and going to ... who knows where? Chatbot: A short tutorial list of concise LSL statements that make a default wood box translucent and bouncy and then kick and spin it along, also a script to run such commands for you. Building a dialog menu step by step: A tutorial for beginning scripters on implementing a simple menu dialog system. Designed to illustrate the basic principles in layman's language. Video Tutorial: Script editor featurettes: Features of the inworld Script editor. Look at LSL Alternate Editors for external 3rd party editors. In-World Tutorials Bromley College in-world Virtual Learning trials: Please feel free to come over and look around Many free scripting tutorials that are easy to read at our College of Scripting, Music and Science: Come by to learn scripting and building. Swiss Projects Tutorial, the Swiss Tutorial for Second Life®; interactive, inworld and in the Web, in German: das schweizer Tutorial zu Second Life®; interaktiv, inworld und im Web, in deutscher Sprache. SLURL: [1] External Tutorials Using LSL introductory tutorial Dr. Dobb's tutorial Linden Scripting Language (LSL) Tutorial Xah Lee's tutorial on LSL Using the Linden Script Language: A very comprehensive tutorial on basic

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