How to Be a Summer Shutterbug Essay

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How to be a summer shutterbug Let’s face it—we all have that impulse to stand in front of the camera and start clicking away.It’s human nature to want to look our best. With summer to look forward to, when else could be the best time to have a photo oppurtunity? But, how do you create the perfect summer snapshots to remember after the summer’s over? SUNBURN teaches you how to be a summer shutterbug in five easy steps. 1. You’ll need a good quality camera. Phone cameras may come in handy—but not all the time. Some may even cause your pictures to become pixelated. To take the perfect snapshot, you may want to use a digital camera. When you want to go pro, you may want to consider using a DSLR. 2. Choose the perfect backdrop. Yes, sometimes having your bedroom as a backdrop can get a bit boring. Why not try bringing it up a notch? Take your camera with you when you’re going off to the beach or on a family outing. After all, your pictures will reflect what you have been doing during the summer. 3. Don’t hesitate to look your best. It really isn’t that necessary—but you wouldn’t want to remember your vacation as the time you took pictures looking like a bedhead, would you? 4. Smile! Summer is the perfect time to go all out and be happy—so why not take your snapshots with a mile? That way, you would remember your vacation as one of the happiest. 5. Put it all in an album. Or, when you want to save time and money—upload it to a social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr and share your shutterbug moments with your friends and family. With all of these, what could possibly go wrong? Now, all you need to do is to take a camera, and start clicking

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