How to Be a Prepper Essay

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If you are new to Prepping or are trying to figure out if you want to join us as a Prepper, this article is for you! The APN exists to help people learn about Prepping and to facilitate them becoming Self Reliant through increased personal responsibility. If you have, or are gaining, a personal belief that it is up to you to provide for you and your family in difficult times – then you are on the path to becoming a Prepper! If you want to quickly read more about why you should be a Prepper, check this out. Much has been written on how to start Prepping. This article is meant to be a guide for you, not an all encompassing list. We are well aware though that it can be very daunting and seem an insurmountable task to “Become Prepared”. We want to help you weed through the plethora of information out there and help you to get started right away. As we mentioned, first and foremost to being a Prepper is a mental attitude. That of “I am responsible for me”. If you are relying on the government or others to take care of you then you are a dependent of them, not an independent citizen capable of supporting themselves. And that is exactly what a Prepper is or strives to be – an Independent Citizen capable of supporting themselves. Through out the attitudes and beliefs that if something happens you’ll let others take care of you. In fact, through out the notion that nothing bad will ever happen to you – chances are extremely high that it will! Whether it’s a personal, family, neighborhood, city, state, national or world event – bad things happen every single day – dodging them all is pretty near impossible. Preppers are “Ready for Anything”. We don’t prepare for just one thing as some TV shows would have you believe. The Prepper philosophy dictates that you prepare for anything that might come your way. As such, one of your first steps is an assessment

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