How To Be A Military Veteran Essay

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The Veteran Michael Salazar McKendree University Dr. Millard Dunn January 31, 2014 The Veteran This essay is about military Veteran’s. The life altering decision to join the military as a young adult comes with much that is never seen nor heard by the general public. Much of the commitment is both physically and mentally life altering. For many American Veterans’, they carry their memories inside within their head and some may on occasion share them with their friends, family, or in a conversation. Many do not! A Veteran sets an honorable example for me to follow. And finally, Veterans inspire me to live a life dedicated to the things I believe to be right. Being a Veteran means extreme sacrifice by yourself and your family.…show more content…
They had a positive effect on me before I enlisted. Without their sacrifice, the world I know may have been drastically changed. Veterans are prepared to die for their cause. Many witnessed terrible things and endured incredibly strenuous situations. All Veterans and especially the honorable ones that are not with us today have paid the high price for freedom and the life we all know in America. In their days of duty, they were motivated to fight for the things they held in the highest of importance. I have pride in my country as a Veteran. I am proud to be a part of a country that someone respects enough to place their life in danger to protect its country and values. Veterans are brave people that commit themselves to keeping their ethics and standards of our country. A Veterans’ dedication leads me to consider how meaningful the values of our country truly are. I have come to respect the American values as a Veteran. The appreciation for my country’s values makes me proud to be a part of it. The meaning of a Veteran can be riddled by misconceptions, stereotypes, morals, and just pure confusion. A Veteran is someone who served their nation in war or in peacetime, of any race, religion, sexual preference, young or old, male or female. If you fit that description, the definition of a Veteran is
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