How to Be a Good Person Essay

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How to Be a Good Person There is more to being a good person than just being kind. What does it mean to you to be a good person? To genuinely be a good person, you must make some sort of an impact on the lives of the people who surround you from day to day. It cannot be something that you do every so often, but you have to have an outlook on life which remains constant on a positive level. There are countless simple ways to get in touch with the goodness within yourself which will enhance not only your own life but the people who encounter your presence throughout your lifetime. Being a good person enriches your sense of well-being and allows you to touch the lives of others. In order to be a good person we must practice kindness, compassion, and love ourselves unconditionally. These behaviors affect your moods; consequently, having a direct impact on your physical and emotional health. Although kindness is not the only way of displaying goodness, it remains a very important component. A sure-fire way to ensure that you are exercising kindness constantly is to make it a point to do something every day to brighten someone’s day. This can be a very small act of kindness which requires little to no effort; for example, opening the door for someone, or even offering a smile to a stranger can go a long way. Celebrate the successes and victories of others and always give credit where it is due. Maintain a righteous disposition and be appreciative of the kind things that others bring to the table by remembering to thank people for the things they do for you, whether these things are as small as holding the elevator for you or as big as offering you a ride all the way home. Recognize the efforts being made by others to offer goodness and acknowledge them. Give compliments when the opportunity arises, and take the extra time to make someone’s day that much better
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