How to Be a Good Parent Essay

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Thank you very much everyone, thank you for coming along, and it is good to be back here in Watford again and to say to you all that I know this is an important area, and to thank many of you who I know have been working very hard in trying to make a difference here. Perhaps before I begin my speech, I hope you will forgive me if I just say a word about the events that have happened in America recently. The whole of this country feels for the people of the Gulf coast of America who have been afflicted by what is a terrible, terrible natural tragedy, and we want to express our sympathy and our solidarity and give our prayers and thoughts to the people who are affected by what has happened out there on the Gulf coast. And as I said to the President yesterday, this country will stand ready to help in any way that we can. But I know that people, particularly people who will know from this country, know people in that area, will feel for them very deeply at this time. Now I would also like to say just before I begin my prepared speech, that I had a meeting just earlier today with parents who for a variety of reasons and in a variety of different ways, had taken up help with parenting, and I think the first thing to say, although the seam of this is about the Respect agenda, antisocial behaviour, crime, how we tackle it, is to say that the issue of parenting is something that affects, well it affects anybody who has ever been a parent, and I always say to people that the job of Prime Minister is difficult, and sometimes I think the job of Home Secretary is worse, which is why you are doing it Charles, but the job of being a parent is difficult, whoever you are and whatever your situation. And that is partly because the stresses and strains of modern life are greater, we have more pressure on us to try and balance work and family life, it is because our children tend, in

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