How to Be a Directioner Essay

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Vas Happenin?” “Simple, but effective” “The fans call us Larry Stylinson, because we get on well.” “I brought them down to the gym, no, not Jim, he’s a different guy!” “KEVIN” “I like girls who eat carrots” If you saw the famous One Direction lines above and understood what they meant, congrats! You are a True Directioner! If you looked at them and knew none of that however, this is the place to be. Posted below is a full guide to becoming a “True Directioner”. First, we have a few basic guidelines. -One Direction consists of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Harry Styles. -Niall is the only Irish one, the rest are British. -Fans of the band are called “Directioners” Now that you know the very scraping basics of the UK band, here is how anyone can become a True Directioner. Step 1: Discovery Whether your obsessed BFF told you about them, or you could not help yourself from singing “What Makes You Beautiful” every time it came on the radio, at one point you have heard of One Direction. The first step is too simply enjoy their sound, and only that. If you start on how they look, you will be judged by Directioner. Step 2: Video Diaries/Music Videos The next step is knowing their back-story. Known for being separate competitors on the popular TV show, The X-Factor (UK), the boys were eventually put into a group by Simon Cowell. Throughout the show, the group made diaries explaining all about them and their music. Each week it got weirder, but it is the core of all Directioner belief. These videos will clear up those lines at the top. This shows the friendlier side of 1D, and brings comedy to each one of the video diaries. Another thing to do is too watch their music videos. These can show you the boys’ signature style and sound. I recommend ‘One Thing’ as it shows the unique aspects of each boy, both vocally and style-wise. Step
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