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Critical Lens “A book must be an ax, to break the frozen sea in us” – Kafka Another way of saying the above quote is that a book must be a tool that penetrates your inner feelings. In other words, the book you read must have an impact in your life or change the way you see the world. I agree with this and I will show how the book “The World in 2050” by Laurence Smith deeply affects us because of its copious information which both upset and inspire. The book “The World in 2050” by Laurence Smith is an eye opener that makes us realize the damages we are doing to our planet and the changes we are going to experience through that years. For example, according to Laurence Smith, Shanghai will be under water. Another thing we will see is that everyone will be fighting with each other for the scarce resource in the planet. Fuel and other minerals. Including water. The author uses a lot of data to make us realize where we are heading and it makes the reader see how doomed we really are. However, a realist is very likely to feel deeply upset after reading this book. My first thoughts after reading it were how life was going to be and how it will affect my family and me. This made me loose a lot of hope for humanity. Governments around the world are doing very little to promote recycling and less pollution which is very disappointing because it shows how greedy the world really is. This book inspired me to become a better person in society and make any attribution to this cause. It could be in the smallest way by no turning on the light so much. It is impossible that a book like this does not break the reader’s frozen sea. Do we need books that awaken the reader? Yes we do, these books are very important and some of them are so powerful that they make a change in the reader’s thoughts. Books like these are very hard to come by and require

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