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How To Be A Bank Robber? Essay

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Below is an essay on "How To Be A Bank Robber?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

How to Rob a Bank?
      Visit different banks in lonely areas; do a research on the floor plan and security system of the banks; this is how you check which one has the weakest security system; this is how you prepare for the move; choose the bank which is nearest to the highway so that it is easier to escape after the robbery; be friends with at least one of the security guards of the bank – these people can be really helpful; this is how to treat the security guard so that he can leak some internal information about the security system of the bank; this is how you find out about the bank manager; pick the bank whose manager is a bachelor; this is how you disguise as a different but attractive girl; use your beauty as your weapon; this is how you seduce the bank manager; this is how you get close to him; this is how you become his girlfriend; this is how you find out about the passwords to the restricted areas from the bank manager; this is how you hack the security system using a computer – I went to MIT – I know stuff   like these; find out where the security cameras, their control room and the main vault with money are located; make sure that you have all the information needed; do not be impatient like you always are; one wrong move and you are dead.
      Never leave fingerprints anywhere; use gloves; this is how you find a weapon just in case you need it; find out which day in the bank is the most busy one and crowded so that the employees do not have time to notice your face; take your time – be patient – do not let your temper go off like it always does; learn to control your emotions; one wrong move and you are dead.
      This is how you park your car to an easily accessible place; this is how you enter the bank in your normal look; this is how you dodge the security guard with the metal detector; again, use beauty as your weapon; this is how you walk avoiding security cameras; this is how you cut the security camera...

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