How to Bake a Cake from Scratch

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Everyone loves cake whether it's chocolate, vanilla, or lemon flavor. We all know that cake is delicious but the question is do you know how to bake it from scratch? Well if you want to treat yourself with a mouthful of heaven, then just follow a few simple steps and you can make that dream a reality. The key is to bake your own cake using simple steps with a pinch of passion for amazing flavor. It's is healthy and party effective and a pretty handy skill to have for any special occasion. You can’t go wrong, it's a win-win situation! To start off with, we should compile a grocery list of all the ingredients and supplies that you will need to make this activity a successful one. Your list should include one pound of sugar, one pound of flour, one pound of butter, two tablespoon of vanilla essence, one and a half spoon of baking powder, eleven eggs, some toothpicks, food coloring, cooking spray, baking pans and potholders. Once the list is finished you should see what items you have in your pantry so you can have a more accurate idea of what items must be purchased. A key note that you should keep in mind is to have more of the item needed rather than an exact amount to avoid any unnecessary trips back to the grocery store. Now that you're ready, start off by grabbing a bowl big enough to mix everything in. Then take the pound of sugar and the pound of butter and throw them into the bowl. Mix the two together until they're completely melted. Now it's time for the eggs. Throw all eleven eggs into the bowl with the sugar and butter and mix it all together. After that, add the pound of flour, two tablespoons of vanilla essence, one a half tablespoon of baking powder, and once again mix it all together until it looks fluffy. When all the mixing is finished, you have to set the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit to preheat for about five minutes. At

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