How to Avoid Stress Essay

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A very good morning to my English teacher and my fellow classmates.Today,I’m going to deliver a speech about “how to avoid stress”. Have you ever been so stressed you don’t know how to calm down?Well,some of you may have experienced it and for those of you who haven’t,what I’m going to share with you maybe beneficial for you at some point of your life. Let me start off by defining stress.I’m not going to go too deep as the title of my speech is “how to avoid stress” and not “what is stress”. Stress is a feeling that's created when we react to particular events.It is way your body shows that there are too many demands on it and it is facing a tough situation with focus,strength and stamina all being affected.Stress is quite injurious to health so it best to prevent it rather than to face it. First of all,we should be prepared in all kind of situations.Preparing in advance help to relieve the pressure before performing something.Let me put it to you this way,imagine if you haven’t prepared anything before an oral assignment and suddenly your teacher asks you to present your speech.I’m pretty sure you all know how one would feel in that situation.An effective strategy would be preparing something to familiarise with it before facing it. Besides,we must have realistic expectations in our life.It doesn’t mean that one should not dream big but the dream should be achieveable.An example,a man aspires to become a millionaire from nothing but he want to achieve it in a duration of a month or two.It is simply impossible unless luck is on his side to get something like that.What I’m trying to say is try to be realistic on what you aspire so that it won’t cause unnecessary stress on you. Other than that,we must get active through activities like jogging,swimming or things similar to that.Execising releases hormone called endorphins which is the body natural antidepressant

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