How To Annoy Your Mom While Driving

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October 25th, 2011 How to Annoy Your Mom While Driving a Car I have had many moments in my life already that have led me to annoy my mother. One of my favorite ways to annoy her is to drive carefree as I call it, but to her it is driving dangerously and recklessly. You have to understand that I am a very good driver for my age. Just sometimes I like to mess around with my mom and swerve side to side on the roads or crank the music up and sing my lungs out. My mom says it is distraction, I just call it fun. If you would like to annoy your mother while you are driving like I do, then this is what you must do. The one thing that my mom makes me do even before I get into the car is text her. The text tells her when I am leaving and when I am arriving to a place. It sounds like the simplest thing right? Well, sometimes you can pretend to forget to send her this text message and then she gets all worried. If you have siblings in the vehicle with you, she will probably text them if you didn't answer. If they didn't text back, then she will usually start freaking out and call your neighbors and ask if they know where you are. Another thing with text messages is that when you tell her you are leaving your house and forget to text her when you arrived to school, she will do the same thing until you finally text her back. She will tell you that she has been very worried and that you need to answer your phone because that's why you have one. Then she is usually annoyed. Which is what you want of course! Now another way to annoy your mom is to swerve all over the road. You have to make sure that no other car is coming on the road or behind you. Otherwise you would get into some sever trouble with your mom and other car drivers. Once you check to make sure no one is on the road with you, take the steering wheel with one hand and just sit back in your seat to have your

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