How To Achieve The American Dream Essay

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The American Dream America is where the American dream can be achieved. As long as you work hard it will be achieved. As long as your work hard it will pay off in the end. So many people are in search of the American Dream and it is extremely possible to achieve that goal with a little determination. America still provides access to the American Dream, to the “tired, poor, and the huddled masses.” I believe that it is possible for anyone to achieve the American dream. However it will not happen over night. Just like anything good it will come with time. Nobody is just going to wake up and have the ideal American Dream of whatever it is there are in in search for. The American Dream is true you just have to stick it out and work our way up. Some however like to…show more content…
The best was to become who you want to be is get an education in a good field that you know you can do the rest of your life that pays decent, stick it out through thick and thin and it will pay off. Being smart with your money is a big part. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Remember that time is money.” I couldn’t agree with that statement more. You could spend your time doing something that doesn’t earn you money or spending you could be working and making money instead or just saving money. Some say “money can not buy happiness.” Well someone with a decent amount of money that they worked for sure is happy. Knowing that what they did made them money and they can now do they things they want and buy the things they want. In conclusion, The American Dream is still available to anyone out there. As long as you have strong work ethic and are willing to work hard at making as much money as you can and doing the best at everything you do they it can be achieved. America still provides access to the american dream to the “tired, poor, and the huddled masses.” Be smart with your money and have some determination and the American Dream will be your American

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