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HOW TO ASSESS THE IMPACT OF FDI ON AN ECONOMY 1 FORWARD This concept paper has been prepared by Gábor Hunya, Mario Holzner and Julia Wörz of the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw). It was commissioned by the OECD Investment Compact as part of the European Commission 2003 Community Assistance for Reconstruction, Development and Stabilisation (CARDS) funded project, Strengthening Development and Implementation of Investment and Trade Policy in the Western Balkans (SEEStat). SEEStat was initiated to help governments improve their policies to encourage more and better foreign direct investment (FDI). The SEEStat Project has two objectives. The first is to coach countries on improving the quality of their investment statistics, especially by ensuring that they are in line with international standards (i.e. IMF/OECD standards on compiling FDI statistics). The second objective involves improving the ability of users of FDI statistics to evaluate the economic impact of FDI. This concept paper was commissioned to assist in meeting the second objective by providing SEE countries with a beginning overview of how to conduct FDI impact evaluations. An earlier draft was presented on 30 October 2006 in Zagreb, Croatia, at the SEEStat workshop on ‘Evaluating the Impact of Foreign Direct Investment in the Western Balkans – Case Studies and Practical Tools,’ where it was well-received. This workshop was attended by government officials, international organisations and independent research organisations. It was organised by the Investment Compact, in collaboration with the Croatian Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship and the Croatian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency. This concept paper is one in a series of SEEStat studies. The other titles in the series are: The Role of Foreign Direct Investment in the Croatian

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