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When thinking about resources a person would need daily in order to survive, one might think of water, food, and oxygen. These days another item in that list is the Internet. If a person gave up the Internet for a week, or even a day, could they do it? The Internet is becoming more and more essential than ever. It is a person’s dictionary, cookbook, mall, and school. As a student, employee and young adult, I am constantly utilizing the Internet. As a student, I regularly use the Internet as an aid to find information that will assist with writing papers, discussion posts and other school work. Whenever I need to know the definition of a word I use Google to look it up. If I need an additional explanation for topics that are giving me trouble, I look to the Internet for examples to help gain a better understanding. As an employee, and an Assistant in my company’s Human Resources department, I use the Internet to research different programs that we can offer to employees, whether it is partnering with AAA to provide employees with discounts, or researching companies that provide awards and gifts to employees for their years of service in a company. I also use the Internet to locate appropriate paperwork for employees, such as the I9 form or Family and Medical Leave Act paperwork. With a few keystrokes, I am able to locate these forms and distribute them to whoever may need them. When I am off work for the day and my schoolwork has been completed, I spend plenty of my time on the Internet shopping for myself or a friend or family member, watching a movie on Netflix, or looking at different videos on YouTube. The instant gratification of the Internet is why so many people choose to use it. I am part of a small group that is lucky enough to be in the field that they choose as their career. My job as the Human Resources Assistant involves utilizing the Internet for

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