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Ashley Brescia CareerLeader Summary Review your results and answer the following questions: 1. What were your top four ratings on the interests scale? Does this surprise you? My top four ratings on the interests scale are creative production, influencing other, coaching and mentoring, and theory development and research. The first three do not surprise you because I always knew I liked working with others and sharing my opinions and I think of myself as more creatively talented than mathematically. I did not think that I would be interested in development of theories and research because I am not overly interested in business strategy. 2. What are your key motivators (top 4-5)? How does this compare with how you think of yourself? My top motivators are lifestyle, positioning, altruism, affiliation, and intellectual challenge. This compares well with what I think of myself. I understand that while I want a career that is intellectually challenging and high attention, I also want time to have a family and enjoy time with friends or family. I believe that every job is a an opportunity to learn and gain experience for future. I also enjoy helping people. I live in the Community Service LLC here at Northeastern and I enjoyed participating in community service back in high school as well. I also want to build bonds within my job, to make friends as well as connections and I want to be continually challenged. 3. What are your greatest skills? Does this surprise you? My greatest skills are interpersonal effectiveness, power and influence, analysis and strategic decision-making, and bringing management structure. No these skills do not surprise me. I believe I work well with others and I am able to make necessary decisions that will benefit anyone working with me in the future, as well as myself. I do enjoy building relationships and I have been told
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