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• A common saying is “Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” [Benjamin Franklin] Do you think it is justified for governments to levy taxes? Why or why not? Yes, because if the government did not levy taxes and enforce their collection many of us would not pay them. Without paying taxes the government will not be able to fix the roads and the country will not run properly so I think it is a good thing that the government levy taxes. • What experiences (good or bad) have you (or someone you know) had with the IRS (or any other taxing authority)? The only experience that I’ve had from the government is back in 2011 when I filed my taxes the I got $7,541.23 and I owed student loans in the amount of $3000.00 and the took that out my taxes which was good for me because that got paid so I could go back to school. • What actions do you (or would you) take to reduce your taxes? I really haven’t done anything to reduce taxes to me money is not a big issue to me, but I do have majority of taxes deducted out of my pay yearly so I wouldn’t have to worry about all these tax deductions when it’s time to file/ • Both Mr. Jones and Mrs. Green earned $50,000 gross in 2009. Yet, Mr. Jones owed IRS $600 on his tax return while the IRS owed Mrs. Green $600 on her tax return. o What do you think were the possible reasons for the difference in the results? Explain. First you have to consider their jobs, then you need to figure out what there exemptions was, and their filing status because this can play a big part. Another reason can be how much dependent one or the other carry, because I think the more dependent the more you get

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