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Cleaning The bathroom Step 1 Begin to Clean: Soak Solid vents Clean Vents Clean Ceiling - To clean vents and ceiling use a dry feather duster or dry cleaning cloth on a broom to remove hair, dust, lint, and cobwebs * Stand on floor while cleaning DO NOT stand on cabinets, toilet or bathrub to clean. Step 2 Claening Tun and shower area: remove any guest belongings and move tehm out of teh way Begin to remove hair from tub with tissue Use soap and water solution to scrub the grout, soap dish,fixtures, faucets, shower head, shower towel rack and tub. Step 3 Cleaning Toilet: * Put on yourcleaning gloves and googles Test toilet to make sure it flushes. Then spray solution on the inside and out side of the toilet. the most sanitzedwayto clean is start cleaning from outside toilewt and work your way to the inside. USe toilet bowl brush to scrub inside bowl and under the rim. Leave ckeaning solution in toilet until all bathroom tasks are done Step 4 Clean Sink and Vanity: remove quest property clean vanity use sponge to wipe vanity, towel rack, and other bathroom fixtures. Clean and empty waste basket and replace bag Spray cleaning solution on sink area and clean Prevent water spots Step 5 Celan Bathroom floor: Spray floor and base borads with all-purpose cleaning solution Srub away grime Dry the floor with a clean cloth Step 6 Finishing touches Clean mirrors with a damp sponge. Only use water and a cleaning sponge. Clean ice bucket and replace all glasses pick up all supplies and restock fresh towels, and wash clothes restock paper bath supplies restock quest rooom ameniteies Return the clean waste

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