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1st Paragraph: Litter Kwitter In this paragraph I will briefly explain how to use the toilet. Although I assume your mothers already taught you how to do so years ago, today I plan on teaching your cat how to use the toilet. This skill won’t only get rid of the displeasing scent of their feces, but will also save you approximately $144 a year. Be aware: this may take anywhere from only a few weeks, to a few months. First you’ll need dust free litter and a kit called the Litter Kwitter purchased from eBay. The Litter Kwitter contains 3 separate plates of which fit directly on your toilet seat. Each plate represents a different stage. First stage is red and is completely closed which will block any sight of the water below. Fill the red plate with litter to help motivate your cat to use the toilet by the scent and texture of the litter. This stage should be fairly easy to adjust to considering the toilet is practically the cats litter box. After about 2 weeks of success with the first stage, move on to the next stage. The second stage is fairly similar to the first stage. This time it is an orange plate yet with a fairly small hole in the middle giving your cat the ability to see the water below. As you would in the first stage, fill the plate with litter. Your cat may freak out by the small hole and decide to relive itself on your most expensive china. Despite your frustrations, clean the mess and go back to the first stage until you feel your cat is comfortable enough to move on. Finally, the third and most challenging stage, the green plate. The third stage has the biggest hole of all; almost as big as the toilet’s seat us humans are used to. This plate has a very narrow lip for the litter to rest on, as well as extra surface area for your cat to balance itself on. Depending on the cat, these stages may be very time consuming. Ultimately, your patience will be

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