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How to Plan a Wedding Weddings are a very important special event in a couple's life. Many of the engaged couple's may not realize what hard work planning a wedding is. Usually when people are in love they seem to want to set their wedding date as soon as possible; what they don't realize is that aside from a wedding being expensive, it is also a long process. Being a wedding planner for the past two years really allowed me to manage a system that works for putting a wedding together. When first starting to plan a wedding, you look at your budget. Everyone is different with what they can afford or how much they are willing to spend on the wedding. Once we have established an appropriate estimate of how much the wedding is going to cost, then I send the amount to my treasure who breaks down the spending into categories for me so that it is easy to work with. When I receive this more specific spending sheet, I first look into the estimated amount in spending for a location. The very first thing that I assign my clients to is figuring out where they would like to get married at (what location)? With this, I then start to research available openings within the prize range and at a date that will be logical for preparing everything for the wedding. Usually, couples are to pay a down payment to reserve that date at the location. I then sit the couple down and ask them questions so that I can better understand their personality. Making notes of any shared thoughts they have about the wedding is a great start; you write down a wish list of items you might want to have and then cross out the things you are less crazy about having. Furthermore, I take out five different books and first have them pick a color scheme followed by a texture and sometimes even pattern. It’s important to have a color scheme so that when you are further picking out anything for the wedding,

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