How Time Flies Essay

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Date: 2/3/15 Name: Hilsobaby Memorial essay Essay 2: How the years go by Oh! How the years go by, how time can certainly fly. From once just a thought in faraway dreams now into my arms and in my eyes glean the presence of you, your smiles, laughter, and word of encouragement which goes on for miles, warms my heart and soul. You’re gone so fast, I wished each moment with you to last forever. My mentor! Will someone ever make such impart you’ve made in my life? The road has been quite interesting, no road map, pot holes, and dangerous bends, lonely sometimes, at other times it’s been like wow!, breaking speed limit, going faster than I thought, meeting wonderful, good and bad people but I am grateful for the kind of car I am. Thanks to people like you in my car and those that got off at some point. I am most appreciative for all the directions I have been given although none seems to be sure of where it leads but the essential value of the journey was the joy of the ride. The year was 2006, I was just a teenage girl entering the cusp of adolescence, and I had no idea the changes that accompanied that period of life. My parents enrolled me in an all-girls boarding school, as the school was well-renowned for its academic excellence and disciplinary measures. As a sophomore, I was under the auspice of the teachers, senior students, and everyone above my grade, as we were made to go through and adhere by the rules and regulations of the school. Almost every activity that we partook in was not of our own compulsion, as disobedience was severely frowned upon and treated with equal punishment. My classmates and I as I mentioned were adolescents, and our quest to explore and discover ourselves lead us into trouble. We keep late nights, made a lot of noises, engaged in fights in the dormitories, refectories and classroom. My close friend Sandra was expelled for

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