How the Uk Treats People with Specific Needs

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Introduction We all know that all of us including those who have special needs (like disabled people) have individual rights. On this report, you will see how the rights of those who have special needs are being met in health and social care environments/sectors particularly in hospitals and care homes and how these healthcare providers are being dealt with if they did not meet the needs and rights of their clients. And without sounding bias, as much as possible I tried talking about both positive and negative sides on how the UK treats people with specific needs. The report will be mostly about human rights issues of the disabled people. How they are treated in hospitals There are a few negative news being reported that hospitals don’t have too much care for disabled people. The recent news said that ‘NHS accused over deaths of disabled patients’ (The Guardian, 2012) and ‘Disabled patients dying due to 'institutional discrimination' in NHS’ (The Telegraph, 2012). It was said that the hospitals are not treating the people with disabilities properly like they should be doing. It have been reported that these things happen because of discrimination: ‘Hospital staff put a “do not resuscitate” order on the medical file of a man with Down’s syndrome purely because of his disability’ (The Telegraph, 2012). Discrimination has been a really big factor to the people with special needs; it has been helping to make their lives worse. They have been ignored by some of the hospital staff and were not treated like they should have been treated. Because of their disability, they have been discriminated against by the hospital staff by providing them poor healthcare services. This shows that they are not being treated with respect nor being treated with dignity. Some hospital staff have shown them neglect and let them feel like they have no importance. However, there are still

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