How the Patient Care Affordability Will Affect Skiled Nursing Facility and Administrator Essay

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Hermania Faulkner Lanette Cook MGMT 318 15 August 2012 How the Patient Care Affordability Will Affect Skilled Nursing Facility and Administrator The Skilled nursing facility (SNF) is an institution or certain part of the institution where continuous nursing care and other types of nursing and rehabilitative services are prescribed by a physician and provided to patients within the facility. The patients are not in an acute episode of illness but require only rehabilitation for an injury, disability, or care for the sick. The mentally incompetent are not usually cared for in these types of facilities. This facility will employ an administrator to manage, supervise and direct persons employed by the facility as necessary to make sure the residents of the SNF get needed services and protection. An administrator is in general administrative charge of the SNF and will make sure the facility is in compliance with all federal codes and regulations. The Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act (PPACA) is health care reform enacted by President Barack Obama in March of 2010. The newly enacted law has been through the shredder and back again before being agreed upon and with the help of Congress, being voted into law with a 5 to 4 vote. Although some are not fans of the PPACA, the general population who is affected by and depends upon on or more of the provisions of the PPACA are happy with the new law and appreciate the services it extends to the general population. One provision that the new law affects is Medicare reimbursement to SNFs. Over time, “it has long been known by the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, the General Accounting Office and the Office of Inspector General that SNFs have been overpaid by billions of dollars.”( This means that “Medicare payments increased faster than Medicare costs, resulting in free standing

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