How the Nfl Fleeces Tax Payers Essay

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Michael Sovath Eng 102 Mr. Moungey 9/15/14 How the NFL Fleeces Taxpayers In Gregg Easterbrook article “How the NFL Fleeces Taxpayers,” Easterbrook is against the fact that the NFL is using tax dollars and other public funding to benefit themselves and their sport’s teams. For example as Easterbrook quotes, “In Virginia, Republican Governor Bob McDonnell, who styles himself as a budget-slashing conservative crusader, took $4 million from taxpayers’ pockets and handed the money to the Washington Redskins, for the team to upgrade a workout facility” (1). In this article, Easterbrook summarizes the economic and political impact the NFL has on the public by making claims reinforced by statistics. One of the things Easterbrook most extensively talks about is how NFL sport teams are being benefited by public funding. In this example, Easterbrook talks about the Minnesota Vikings wanting a new stadium, threatening to leave the state if they didn’t get one. The legislature with a $1.1 billion budget deficit gives the Vikings $506 billion from taxpayers covering half of the new facility. In California, as Easterbrook also points out, the 49ers have also broke ground for a $1.3 billion stadium which included $116 million from public funding with private capital, at least that’s how it was announced. This provoked a new government entity known as the Santa Clara Stadium Authority, who is also from the Santa Clara city Council, to borrowing $950 million from Santa Clara City to fund for the “private” financing, ultimately taking a hit on taxpayers should anything go wrong. Easterbrook expresses his views by these economic points portrayed by examples of stadiums and its public funding. Easterbrook, who aims at statistics and give main supporting arguments, talks about how the government is not helping the situation. For example Easterbrook explains, “In almost every

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