How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents Essay

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BOOK REPORT. 1. How The Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents. 2. Julia Alvarez in 1950 - 1990. 3. Born in New York of Dominican descent, she spent the first ten years of her childhood in the Dominican Republic. 4. Major Characters; Carla - As the oldest amongst the four girls, she feels left out and out of place when her family moved to the United States and finds it hard to fit in her new social and cultural environment. She was harassed at school by malicious and prejudiced boys, and felt isolated by her limited English language abilities. Her discomfort with puberty was exacerbated by an encounter with a perverted American exhibitionist in a car. She dealt with these issues later in life by becoming a psychologist and analyzing her family's sort of mental issues. Sandra - Her artistic abilities were frustrated as a child by poor art instruction and a terrible fall which badly broke her arm. She felt stifled as a child by her parents' desires to fit into American culture and was judged for expressing her own needs or hopes. She grew disillusioned with American virtue after watching a drunk woman kiss her father. Her inability to express herself artistically or personally led to an eventual mental breakdown, which to her she believed she was moving backward through evolution and was losing her humanity and her culture. This loss of humanity symbolizes her loss of artistic inspiration and a sense of her own unique identity. Yolanda - she is the tomboy amongst the four girls in the family and she got in trouble most of the time when she was a child. She felt the fear as her family struggled to leave the Dominican Republic. Once in the United States, she had difficulty interacting with men in sexual and romantic situations, and eventually divorced her husband, John. This heartbreak led to a mental breakdown and the
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