How the Environment Affects My Wellbeing

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How The Environment Affects My Wellbeing by Darnell Starks, Jr. The environment affects everyday life in many different ways. The simple definition of environment is the ‘surrounding'. It is what surrounds a thing. We can also define it as all of the physical and biological factors that affect a living being and society. The environment can be split into two separate but equally important parts. There is the physical environment which is comprised of things such as plants, animals, buildings, vehicles, weather, and pollution. Then there’s the social environment which is made up of religion, economics, emotions, and human relations. Both of these affect virtually every aspect of human life. The physical environment is the more obvious of the two environments and is incredibly influential on everyday life. Plants photosynthesize giving us oxygen which is essential for survival. Animals provide food and clothing for us to eat and wear. Buildings provide shelter and places to work, sleep and socialize. Vehicles allow us to move quickly from one place to another. The weather is one of the most noticeable factors affecting my wellbeing. Natural disasters can cause serious physical damage and even consistent gloomy weather can cause disincentive to work. Sunny weather can cause skin to become darker and cold weather can cause illness. Pollution caused by vehicles and factories can cause acid rain which can damage property and kill fish in rivers and lakes. The social environment consists of anything to do with the local culture. The social or culture environment affects the social culture of human beings and hence it has great importance. I grew up in a Christian environment and so I was taught a lot about the Bible and had a certain set of morals instilled in me as a child. The economic environment I grew up in would most likely be classified as upper-middle class.

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