How the Enlightenment Cause the Latin American Revoluton. Essay

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Manuel Rodriguez 12/20/2013 How Did the Enlightenment Cause the Latin American Revolution? European exploration began during the Middle Ages. During the late 13th century, Italian explorer Marco Polo went on a 25-year overland journey through Mongolia and Japan in search of a route to the Far East for trading textiles and spices that were essential to preserving food. Polo's account of his journey, The Travels of Marco Polo, published in 1477, was read by many future European explorers. (p. 1 European Exploration) In October 1492, Columbus landed on the island of Hispaniola (present-day Haiti and Dominican Republic). Columbus believed that he was in the outer islands of the Far East, and he made three more voyages in search of a path to Asia. During the last three voyages, Columbus reached the major islands of the Caribbean, which he named the West Indies. It was not until 1507, a year after Columbus's death, that cartographer Amerigo Vespucci suggested that Columbus had landed on an entirely new land that was far from Asia. (p. 2 European Exploration) Although Spain's new claims created the Spanish Empire, the extent of its lands was still unknown. The empire depended on the success of the conquistadores, who were commissioned to explore and conquer the newly claimed land in the Americas. (p. 6 European Exploration) Simón Bolívar a Latin American revolutionary grandiose in his schemes, headstrong and difficult, Conquered enormous obstacles in gaining South America’s independence from Spain. (p. 1 Latin American Sources) Bolivar journeyed to Europe in 1804 and visited Italy and France, where Napoleon I’s grandeur impressed him. (p. 1 Simón Bolívar) From a tutor he learned Enlightenment ideas and was especially attracted to philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. (p. 1 Simón

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