How the Cardiovascular and Respiratory System Work Together to Perform a Named Function

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In this long assignment; I will explain the physiology of the circulatory and respiratory system in relation to energy metabolism and I will analyse how the circulatory and respiratory system work together to perform a named function. The Circulatory System Mammals (including us as humans) have a double circulatory system as it includes two unconnected routes: the pulmonary circulation which carries blood to the lungs to pick up oxygen and the systemic circulation which transports the oxygen and nutrients around the body to the tissues; but what’s important about this systemic circulation is that it doesn’t include the circulation to the lungs. The reason why the mammal double circulatory system is so important to us is because our heart can intensify the pressure of the blood after it has passed through the lungs, as a result of the blood running more rapidly to the body tissues and the capillaries can be harmed in the lungs if the blood pressure is too high in the pulmonary circulation, hence why this circulation can’t transport high blood pressure like the systemic circulation. Relating this to energy, the heat to keep mammals active and the energy to sustain their body temperature can only work from the energy of food. The process of respiration involves the energy that is released from the food and the cells require good supplies of nutrients and oxygen in order to release a great deal of energy. The heart which is the most crucial organ in the circulatory system is a muscular pump that produces blood pressure to push the blood through the arteries and around the body; however the mammalian heart is a muscular double pump. The reason why it’s called a ‘double pump’ is because the right side pumps deoxygenated blood to the lungs to be oxygenated and the left side pumps oxygenated blood to the rest of the body. In addition to this, the left and right side of

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