How the American's Won the Revolutionary War Essay

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America was only a fetus when it began war with Britain. Britain had the upper hand with well trained soldiers and plenty of ammunition for their firearms. The colonies were sure to lose this war of independence, but they would not go down fighting. Luckily for the rebels, they were blessed with many technologies during the Revolutionary war that helped them on the way to victory. New firearms, new techniques, and some very special people saved the American army, one could say. The colonist army proved they had the perseverance and determination to learn new things and grow while fighting the war. They proved they had what it took to win. In many early wars, muskets and other firearms were not used. In place of these, swords were used. Firearms being introduced during the Revolution allowed the soldiers to learn to battle being in close quarters (Revolutionary War Muskets). Firearms were easily one of the most important technologies during this time. The most common firearm used was the musket. There were many different types of musket including the Fowler Musket, Brown Bess Musket, and Country Fowler Musket (Neumann). Both Britain and the colonies, at this time, were stuck using muskets for fighting. The problem with these firearms were that they were very inaccurate and hard to reload during battle. They also had very heavy ammunition. A man may very well have spent numerous minutes to reload his gun, all while being fired at. Obviously the muskets had serious problems that were costing the American army battles and soldiers. These muskets were not the only type of firearm used during the Revolution though. Cannons also played an essential role in rebel war strategy. Like muskets, there were many different kinds of cannons. Field cannons and Siege cannons were two kinds of cannon used by the Americans and the British (Revolutionary War Artillery). Cannons were,

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