How Technology Is Limiting Human Interactions. Essay

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Ciara Gibson Todd Zverloff Ohio Virtual Academy I believe Technology is limiting human interactions Technology in this day and age is really effecting how humans are interacting with each other. Cell phones, computers, tablets, iPods, and games are changing the world. If I were to go to a restaurant right now, there will most likely be a “Free Wi-Fi” sign on the front door, and when I would walk in, there would be anywhere from 1-5 people who are on their electronic device. Instead of interacting with family or friends, people would rather be texting people on their cell phones, or playing a game. Many actions have led me to believe that technology is limiting human interactions. When I went to a public school, almost all of the kids during class were on their cell phones playing games, or texting someone that was 1 foot away from them. What ever happened to passing notes in class? Most teenagers can’t communicate with other people as well as they used to, because technology allows them to hide from real life problems. Online chat sites are another way technology is working its magic. Kids, teens and adults go on these online chatting websites and often finding themselves staying on these websites for hours, or even days at a time, severely limiting their real human interactions. People with a great family and great friends go on these chat websites and waste away their lives talking to a screen. The internet and the technology we use to access it are a way for people to hide from their real life problems. When people go on the internet, they feel like they can say whatever they want, mostly because they don’t have to say it to anyone’s face. This is why cyber bullying is increasing so much. Almost all restaurants, bowling allies, and movie theaters offer free Wi-Fi. Places where people are supposed to interact with friends and family, and they offer

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